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cognitive_itch's Journal

Cognitive Itch: Song of the Day
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All Members , Moderated
A "Song of the Day"-style community.

Members can post song recommendations, ranging from their favorite songs of all time to songs that just seem timely or appropriate to those annoying two bloody bars that you just can't seem to get out of your head. Sometimes getting that song stuck in someone else's head can help get it out of your own!

Please keep posts to the main community limited to specific song, artist, source formats, i.e.:

Ryan Adams, "The Bar Is A Beautiful Place" (5:59), from Gold (Limited Edition Bonus Disc), 2001 Lost Highway 170235


Ryan Adams
"The Bar Is A Beautiful Place" (5:59)
Gold (Limited Edition Bonus Disc)
2001 Lost Highway 170235

If you'd like to post catalog information or you aren't sure what album a song is from, The All-Music Guide is an indispensible source. If you just want to post the artist and song title, that's okay too.

Also, try to refrain from posting off-topic comments in the main community. Feel free to comment on suggestions by replying to the user's post directly. The main community is strictly for recommendations.

This is meant to be a non-judgmental community for music lovers with a wide range of preferences and tastes, and most of all it's a way to share the songs you love with others, and to find new songs to love (or hate, once they get eternally stuck in your head.)

your friendly, neighborhood cognitive_itch moderator is coyote23.